Ripple is trying to revive interest in XRP with a new strategic orientation. This is because the crypto currency is currently still around 92.6% below its all-time high of USD 3.40. For many it is a sign to stay away from the crypto currency. For others it is a way to accumulate cheaply. So also for the trader and analyst Credible Crypto. He sees a massive increase in the XRP price in the next Bitcoin bull market.

XRP price soon at 33 USD?

In a new tweet the crypto analyst told his 68,000 subscribers that Ripple’s native crypto currency has massive potential. He assumes a possible increase of 12,900%. Such an increase would result in an XRP exchange rate of approximately 33 USD.

Keep it real.

The XRP price is NOT ‚predetermined‘.

XRP is NOT ‚covered by gold‘.

IT WILL NOT reach the prices that BTC has reached (10,000+ USD).

XRP will NOT replace the dollar.

But it does NOT have to do any of these things to make life-changing money for you and me over the next 3 years

Many of his followers naturally wanted to know the reason for such a price forecast. Credible then explained why he sees XRP between USD 20 and 30 in the long term.

… it has become 1000x+ in the last run, that would only be 100x. As far as selling pressure is concerned, weak hands have long since sold their XRP for other projects. Those who are holding now will not sell soon.

So his reasoning is based on the rise of the Bitcoin Aussie System price in 2017 and 2018, and he sees 100x, or 10,000%, as possible in the next cycle. In addition, he currently only considers investors who invest for the long term and do not exert direct selling pressure.

Peter Brandt sees no potential in XRP

Not all analysts share Credibel’s long-term optimism about XRP. Widespread veteran trader Peter Brandt advised his 375,000-strong crew to exercise caution when investing in Ripple’s push-button crypto currency.

Do not put your trust in XRP.

Brandt has noted that Ripple’s still sits on more than half of all XRP, which will put additional pressure on sales in the coming years. He sees greater downside potential in the crypto currency, as it has performed far worse than other coins and tokens over the last year.

Brandt sees XRP currently still in the downtrend and wants to protect his followers from falling into the knife.

Ripple following remains ironclad

It is still astonishing that the price has already been able to stay at around USD 0.25 for several months. By now everyone should have understood that there will be no more events at XRP that we have experienced in 2018. At that time many newcomers immersed themselves in the cryptospace and directly, through the aggressive marketing of Ripple, came across XRP.

Sayings like „XRP The Standard“ or „Bankencoin“ were circulating, which lured the unsuspecting people into a pure bridge currency, which is still mostly in the hands of one single company.

You cannot predict the future but it is possible to analyse the fundamentals and estimate the potential. Ripple’s regular sales and investments not only put pressure on the price, but also artificially increase the market capitalisation as more and more XRP are available to the market.